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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

hallmark shmallmark.

not that i have anything against america's most well-loved card company, honest. but why would i pay $2.99 for a regular card, when i can make theeeese?!

group shot.

asian infusion.
(rachel's fave.)

magic carpet.
(chris' fave.)

grass-eating giraffes.
(except, in nature, they rarely bend down, so this is innacurate.)

now i'll have to start making them for uber-specific occasions, like hallmark does...
"congratulations on becoming a surrogate parent and moving into a new house! and by the way, get well soon!"
they've been going like hotcakes, and i've only been in business for two days. i've been getting very positive feedback, which is encouraging. rachel's dad said he liked my "sewy things," my mom didn't even believe it wasn't store-bought, and kyle is paying me to make one for his mom for mother's day.

today: greeting cards, tomorrow: the world!
well, actually, tomorrow i'll probably just sleep in and eat ice cream all day...but i'll look into the whole conquering the world business if there's time.

in other news, i've got another ear infection. 'cause apparently my ear canals are tiny and conducive to bacterial growth. awesome. damn you, tiny canals, damn you.


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