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Saturday, March 04, 2006

the shame game.

shame has been brought to my name. by whom, you ask? by, you guessed it, a girl named paula. specifically, the thinnest and blondest new cast member of the Real World. New Paula, (or NP as she will be referred to henceforth,) is...how you say...

oh, yeah, ANOREXIC.

at first glance, NP seems like a normal enough cast member of the R-Dub. thin, bleach blonde, kindofa bitch...the youzsh. but what you aren't aware of just by looking at her is just how dramatic she is. girl's a train wreck fo' sho. i won't get into specifics, but NP has ranted, raved, cried, and starved herself into an enemy. namely, this paula, who is not looking forward to introducing herself to people and being told, "OH, like the whiny anorexic girl on real world??"


thank you, New Paula. i hate you. go get some therapy, and eat a freaking sandwich.


Blogger rachel iufer said...

the latest news is that paula may also be a lesbian. isn't that exciting?

luckily, from what i hear, no one is really watching this season.

love you!

2:19 PM  

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