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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

sperm + angelina jolie = conan

soo, i was right. little conan definitely was dreaming of ways to punish me. he transformed into young adult today and now he's Fugly. with a capital F. and i'm not exaggerating. the most accurate way to describe him came in an IM conversation with Rachel...

pauliwog03: dude, my tamagotchi morphed today
pauliwog03: and now he looks like a sperm with angelina jolie's lips

the sad thing is, i'm pretty i love him less now that he's not cute. i'm becoming more and more glad that i'm not a real mother.


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Blogger rachel iufer said...

i hope you didn't press that reset button. they go through one more morph. the sperm/lips thing is a teenage phase. mine now looks like a sumo wrestler, complete with topknot. keep on keepin' on.

10:58 AM  

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